Pump Training with an inside view!

Our recent acquisition of a fascinating teaching tool - a 2 hp pump with a clear acrylic volute case and a clear liquid supply pipe - has given us the ability to teach about pumps in a way that has never before been possible.

Our instructors can now demonstrate in real time, for example, the life-limiting cavitation that results from operators trying to wring 'just a little more' flow from a pump than it was designed to produce. We can show how problems that show up in the pump can in fact be created by other elements of the entire system it is part of.

Students will learn about temperature change, horsepower draw and RPM change. The course also involves modules on coupling alignment, the theory, installation and repair of mechanical seals.

Graduates will leave the course with an understanding of the American Petroleum Institute's Recommended Practices 686 - For Machinery Installation and Installation Design.