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Members who are currently covered by the Millwrights Local 1460 Health & Welfare plan:

For questions about your eligibily, coverage status and plan information please call the Millwrights Health & Welfare Administrator (PBAS) at 1-888-525-1460.

The Board has retained Manulife to act as the claims payor and processor for all benefit claims.

With Manulife, plan members can access an extensive array of secure online, self-service options, including fast and convenient answers to questions about their health and dental benefits coverage, claims, and more.

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2017 Plan Change Announcement from the Millwrights Health & Welfare Trustees


A Health & Welfare plan you can rely on!

There are no deductions from your pay cheque for Members' health & welfare benefit plan coverage. Your employers pay 100% of the premiums!

Here's what a Millwright Local 1460 Health & Welfare benefit plan gives you and your family:

This is a summary of Coverage. For further details please reference your member information booklet, or call the administrator at 1-888-525-1460.

(Please note: CY means calendar year, CCY means consecutive calendar year)

For questions about claim submissions, please call Manulife 1-800-268-6195.


The following is effective January 1st, 2017

In the event of a conflict or discrepancy between this chart and the benefit booklet, the benefit booklet will prevail.


 (Active & Retired Members)

Coverage Limitations
Accidental Dental 80% $2,500 Lifetime
Ambulance 100% Unlimited
Breast Prosthesis Replacement 80% 1 every 12 months
Durable Medical Equipment Purchase/Rental 50% $10,000/3 CYs
Hearing aids 50% $1,000/ear/ 4 CCY
Hospital 80% Unlimited
Medical Forms 80% $150/form
Medical services & equipment 50% Some Requirements
Nursing Care (69 and under) 80% $10,000/3 CCY
Nursing Care (70+ yrs) 80% $10,000 Lifetime, minus amount already paid
Orthopedic Shoes and boots 80% $500/one pair/CY
Orthotics (18 and under) 80% $300/2 pair/2 CY, must be custom-built
Orthotics (19 and Over) 80% $300/2 pair/2 CY, must be custom-built
Paramedical* 80% $400/Practitioner/CY
Physiotherapy 80% Unlimited
Prescription Drugs (Active Members) 80% $10 Dispensing fee maximum
Prescription Drugs (Retirees 64 and Under) 80% $10 Dispensing fee maximum
Prescription Drugs (Retirees 65 and Over) 80% of any amounts not eligible under Provincial Seniors Plan Claims must be submitted 1st to Prov Senior's Plan, $10 dispensing fee maximum
Sleep Apnea 50% $2,500/3CYs
Surgical Bra 80% 2 every 12 months
Surgical Stockings 80% 2/CY
Vision Care    
- diagnosis & treatment 100% Unlimited
- contacts & glasses (17 and under) 100% $400 every 12 months (from purchase date)
- contacts & glasses (18 and Over) 100% $400/2 consecutive calendar years
- eye exam 100% $100/2 consecutive calendar years
- laser eye surgery 50% $600 per eye/lifetime
- safety glasses (Active Members) 100% $300/2 calendar years
Vision Care (retirees over 65) 100% $400/2 consecutive calendar years
Visual Training & Remedial Exercises 75% Unlimited
Wigs & Hairpieces 80% $250/lifetime


(Active & Retired Members)

Preventive & maintenance 80% (Subject to GWL 2014 Dental Fee Guide) $3,000 / CY Maximum (Maximum combined with Major)
Major Restorative 75% (see above, maximum $3,000/CY combined)
Orthodontia 50% $4000/lifetime
Accidental Death and Dismemberment    
- Active Members 69 and Under $100,000  
- Active Members 70 and Over $10,000  
Basic Life Insurance    
- Active Members 69 and Under $100,000  
- Active Members 70 and Over $10,000  
- Spouse of Active Member $20,000  
- Dependent Child of Active Member $10,000 15 days and older


*Paramedical includes licensed chiropractors, psychologists, speech therapists, chiropodists, naturopaths, osteopaths and podiatrists.

CEFAP - Construction Employee & Family Assistance Program: 1-800-663-1142

Benefits Covered:

  • Relationship & Family Problems
  • Work Stress
  • Lifestyle Transitions
  • Psychological Discorders
  • Alcohol & Drug Problems
  • Bereavement
  • Referral for Financial & Legal Problems

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