We have implemented a six months rule.  Apprentices need to get their marks from school to the training centre within 6 months of writing the exam. 

Note: Marks are posted on your tradescrets account the week after you have written your exam.

The same six month rule is in effect for apprentices that achieve their Journeyman certificate and request a jacket voucher.  A copy of your journeyman certificate needs to be provided within 6 months of your journeyman certificate date.

  • The tuition grant paid to Member Apprentices is $400.00 (effective January 1st, 2009).
  • Two months Union Dues are also paid while in school.
  • Your position on the out of work list will be retained while in school.
  • You are required to present copy of marks as proof you passed the session.
  • Proof of registration for your next term of school is required.
  • Contact Lisa at (780) 430-1460 extension # 2166 for more information.