A dignified retirement you can count on!

Alberta’s unionized Millwrights are proud of their pension plan! All contributions are employer-paid – there are no pension deductions from your paycheque.

It’s what’s called a defined benefit plan, meaning that you always have the security of knowing ahead of time what your retirement income will be, and that income will continue throughout your entire retirement.

Funds in the plan are managed by an employee-employer Board of Trustees.


Millwrights Local 1460 Pension Plan Members:

  • Local 1460 Albera Millwrights Pension Plan Administrator
  • Toll Free: 1-855-250-3534
  • Fax: 403-250-9236
  • E-Mail: mw1460@pbas.ca

Before Retiring:

  • Please call Doral Johnson of PBAS at 780-486-4472 to explore your retirement options.