Executive Committee Members

President: David Robinson
Vice President: Rob McLaren
Recording Secretary: Drew Kruger  
Financial Secretary: Stan Howell
Treasurer: Mike Bohnet
Conductor: Celine Stevenson
Warden: Ross Gallant
Trustees: Brian Dort
  Joe Chambers
  Richard Jackson




Pension Trust Fund Trustees

Employee: Employer:
Gord Evers Jarrett Serediak
Mike Bohnet Shawn Campbell
Joe Chambers Jeff Spagis

Health and Welfare Trustees

Employee: Employer:
David Maitland Jarrett Serediak
Stan Buller Jeff Spagis
Drew Kruger Shawn Campbell

Training Trust Fund Trustees

Employee: Employer:
Stan Howell Jeff Spagus
Celine Stevenson Ursula Buller
Rob McLaren Darrell Yarusiewich

Negotiating Committee

Chair: Committee Members:
Gord Evers  
Derek Schulte Stan Howell
David Robinson    Rob McLaren

Regional Council Delegates

Dave Robinson
Stan Howell
Celine Stevenson
Brian Dort
David Maitland
Ted Remenda
Gord Evers
Mike Bohnet
Melany Cyr
Ross Gallant

Election Committee

The following members have been appointed to the election committee :

  • Rob McLaren
  • Monte MacAlister
  • Mike Stefura

Retirees Social Committee

To register, call Guy at: (780) 467-8532

  • Guy Dunand
  • Lisa Wilson
  • Dave Robinson

Childrens Christmas Party Committee

  • Dave Robinson
  • Marie-Pier Mecure
  • David Maitland
  • Celine Stevenson

To register call Lisa at (780) 733-2164