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  • June 23rd Special Called Meeting Results
    On Tuesday June 23rd there was a special called meeting to nominate and elect (4) 1460 Millwright delegates to the 42nd General Convention. 21 members attended and there was 6 people nominated to have an election for the four positions. I would like to thank all of the members that came out and voted, and the election committee for the expedient processing of the nominations and voting. I would also like to thank the 6 members that ran for the delegates positions. The four members that were chosen by the membership to represent Millwrights 1460 are: Mike Bohnet Ross Gallant Stan Howell David Robinson Typically we have suspended the July and August regular meetings, but with the amount of meetings missed this year due to COVID-19 we will be holding them on the fourth Tuesday in those months. Fraternally Yours David Robinson President
    In- house courses will commence July 7th.  Please check the Training Section for the dates and courses offered.  Class sizes are limited due to the restrictions for COVID-19 so book early.
    We wants our members and staff to know that the organization is taking the COVID 19 pandemic very seriously. As the virus has spread extensively, and has posed a challenge to many organizations, we are not excluded. Millwrights Local 1460 and the Alberta Millwrights Training Centre are closed to public access. The office will only be accessible to essential employees who have not been affected by COVID 19. Members will need to contact staff by phone or email.


There are 3 job postings available for bidding June 29.

There were 6 dispatch slips issued June 29. 3 Members name hired, 1 Member recalled, 3 Members hired off the Out of Work list.

Reminder: Ensure you check the job postings daily. Bidding opens at 17:00 and closes at 07:00.

Members must be in Goodstanding to place a bid and receive a dispatch slip. To see your Union status, login to the dispatch portal and click on the ‘My information’ tab.

For members that are enrolled in the RSAP program: To see your RSAP status, login to the dispatch portal. Click on the ‘My Information’ tab. If you are listed as ‘Not in Program’ and would like to re-enroll in RSAP please call 780-493-0725 or email

Members that have not yet completed CSTS-2020, go to the Alberta Construction Safety Association website and complete it. It is free for members to complete until Dec 31, 2020. CSTS-2020 is going to be a prerequisite for all jobs in the near future.