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  • Millwright’s Local 1460 office’s are closed to the public
    Due to the emergency protocols put forth by the Alberta Provincial Government on Tuesday November 24th, Millwrights 1460 Union Office has been instructed to implement the following: Office will be closed to the public as of Nov 27th 2020 till further notice. Office staff will still be at work and can answer any questions or concerns by telephone or email. Union dues can be paid by credit card over the telephone or a cheque or money order by mailed to: Millwrights 1460 Suite 177, 15210-123 Ave. NW T5V 0A3   All in house training has been postponed to the new year and a new schedule will be out in the next few weeks,   If you have any concerns please contact David Robinson at 780-430-1460 ext. 2169     Stay Safe   David Robinson
    Millwrights Local 1460 Union meeting Cancelled for January 26th   Due to the rise of cases in Alberta of COVID -19 the regular union meeting for January 26th has been cancelled. The executive meeting will be done by teleconference at 6:00 pm. If you would like anything brought up at the executive meeting please contact one of the executive members or email your request to  before January 22nd.

    Everyone please stay safe and the next union meeting scheduled is on February 23rd,2021.

    Fraternally Yours, Dave Robinson
  • June 23rd Special Called Meeting Results
    On Tuesday June 23rd there was a special called meeting to nominate and elect (4) 1460 Millwright delegates to the 42nd General Convention. 21 members attended and there was 6 people nominated to have an election for the four positions. I would like to thank all of the members that came out and voted, and the election committee for the expedient processing of the nominations and voting. I would also like to thank the 6 members that ran for the delegates positions. The four members that were chosen by the membership to represent Millwrights 1460 are: Mike Bohnet Ross Gallant Stan Howell David Robinson Typically we have suspended the July and August regular meetings, but with the amount of meetings missed this year due to COVID-19 we will be holding them on the fourth Tuesday in those months. Fraternally Yours David Robinson President


There may be an opportunity for 1460 members to work in Ontario as travel cards for upcoming work at various Nuclear Power Generation facilities. There is a vetting process that is required that includes background checks, employment history, etc. For more information about this, please contact David Maitland at or 780-733-2165.

Reminder: Ensure you check the job postings every evening and on weekends. Bidding opens at 17:00 and closes at 07:00.

Members must be in Goodstanding to place a bid and receive a dispatch slip. To see your Union status, login to the dispatch portal and click on the ‘My information’ tab.

Please ensure the your personal information is kept up to date. Members must update their own phone number and email address in the dispatch portal using the ‘Contact Preferences’ tab. If you have changed your phone number, email, or have an address change ensure that you update your information with the Union by calling 780-430-1460.

For members that are enrolled in the RSAP program: To see your RSAP status, login to the dispatch portal. Click on the ‘My Information’ tab. If you are listed as ‘Not in Program’ and would like to re-enroll in RSAP please call 780-493-0725 or email