Our Clients

Yes, our members work for our employer-clients.

But no, we never think of employers as anything less than equal partners in a win-win relationship.

Alberta’s unionized millwright contractors have come to expect far more than stereotypical ‘us-and-them’ thinking when it comes to their relationship with Local 1460.

They’ve learned that we are truly their partners. Our union executive, our business representatives and our stewards approach the process of working with our employer-partners from a basic point of view: how can we help them win?

We know that when the companies that employ our members win, our members work more often, and for longer.

We work hard to ensure that our members deliver a good day’s work in return for a good day’s pay, that they work safely and productively. And we bend over backwards to help our partners take advantage of market opportunities when they occur.

That’s all part of our side of the win-win relationship.

Here’s a partial list of the clients that we’re proud to partner with:

Client Name Specialty Turbine Overhaul Firm Phone Number
AECON Industrial No (780) 416-5700
Alstom Power Installation Canada Yes (780) 447-4660
Altex Field Services No (780) 468-6862
B&W (Babcock & Wilcox) No (780) 489-0404
Bantrel Constructors Ltd. No (403) 290-5000
BFI Constructors Ltd. No (780) 485-2703
Black & McDonald No (403) 235-0335
CARBER No (780) 413-9137
CEDA Field Services LP No (780) 792-6456
CIMS (Canadian Industrial Mill Services) No (780) 477-2467
Clearwater Energy Services No 780-743-2171
Edmonton Exchanger No (780) 468-6722
Guthrie Mechanical No (780) 790-5353
Innovator Industrial Services Inc No (780) 436-4666
Integra No (780) 413-6872
Interpro Technical Services Yes (604) 554-0080
J.C.B Industrial Inc. No (403) 932-3071
Jacobs Industrial Services No (780) 440-1104
Kardash Industrial Construction No (780) 992-2253
KBIM Yes (780) 960-5246
KBR No (780) 468-1341
Melloy Industrial Services Inc. Yes (780) 955-8500
Midwest Constructors No (780) 453-5681
PCL Industrial No (780) 430-3502
PIC Industrial Equipment Ltd Yes (780) 470-0385
Portable Machine Works Ltd. No (780) 464-1182
RKM Services Ltd. No (780) 478-1048
TAMS (FT Asset Management Services Ltd) No (780) 588-2385
TEAM Industrial Services Inc. No (780) 437-0860
TM Service Yes (780) 920-8088
TVE Industrial Services No (250) 377-3533
Waiward Steel No (780) 469-1258