Introduction to Millwrighting

Introduction to Millwrighting – equips future Millwrights with basic skills and knowledge of tools, safety, measurement and the need for precision.

Must bring steel toed work boots

This course will enable you to:

  • Explain job duties and employability skills expected of UBC millwrights and the industries in which we work.
  • Describe the personal habits, behaviours and practices that improve safety and identify the precautions taken to help avoid accidents and injuries on the job.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of math calculations and formulas that millwrights commonly use on the job.
  • Explain lockout/tagout procedures and responsibilities.
  • Identify and describe the purpose of hand and power tools used by millwrights and describe the safety precaution that should be taken when handling these tools.
  • Identify the various precision tools used by millwrights and explain their proper use and maintenance.
  • Name and describe various types of fasteners and other materials and describe their characteristics and purpose.

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