Trade Winds to Success – Pre Employment

Studies include, but are not limited to the Advanced Education and Technology Standards using the Millwright Apprenticeship Program.  Classroom trade subject studies are as follows:

  • General and trade related work site safety
  • Students completed trade related Safety Courses.
  • Studies of anti-friction bearings including removal and installation procedures.
  • Plain Bearings Part A & B
  • Gear and gearbox fundamentals
  • Rim and Face Alignment Part A & B
  • Steam Turbine familiarization
  • Dynamic and positive displacement pumps
  • The handling and use of precision tools
  • Able to read, measure and record measurements in an accurate and precise manner

In the Millwrights Training Center Shop doing Hands on Training including the following:

  • Disassembly & Reassembly of ANSI, Centrifugal Pumps manufactured by Durco & Goulds. Also studied mechanical seals.
  • Accomplished precision alignment using the Rim and Face graphing method on the above mentioned equipment.
  • Attended Millwright 1460 Hytorc Program and understand the safety and bolting concepts of the hytorc equipment.
  • Performed disassembly and rebuild tasks and procedures on a small scale seven stage General Electric Steam Turbine (Impulse type) including steam path component alignment checks, bearing inspection and clearance checks, turbine rigging and rigging safety, documentation and collection of required data and measurements
  • Have knowledge regarding safe rigging practices and procedures.
  • Have also performed rigging duties on all of the previously mentioned equipment.

Course Dates

  • August 12, 2024

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