UBC Rigger & Signaler Qualification – 5 Day (Pre-requisite for Training in Las Vegas)

This 5-day course equips students with knowledge about the theories, hardware, procedures and safety precautions involved in handling and moving heavy objects.

Must bring steel toed boots

Attendance of all 40 hours of this course is mandatory 

The course will enable you to:

  • Describe a basic rigging operation.
  • Demonstrate safe work practices.
  • State the use and limitations of various slings and hitch configurations.
  • Identify and demonstrate various types of knots.
  • Explain how to select rigging equipment and hardware needed to perform safe rigging procedures.
  • List and describe the different types of cranes used for rigging operations.
  • Demonstrate proper use of hand and voice rigging signals.
  • Maximum of 10 Students per class.

The course is a pre-requisite for the Gas and Steam Turbine training available at our Las Vegas UBC International Training Centre.

Course Dates

  • July 8, 2024

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