We cannot be the world's safest, most precise and highly productive millwrights without a world-class training division staffed by highly-experienced people and equipped with a stunning array of tools and equipment.

There isn't a union that invests more in training than the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. Here in Alberta, our Edmonton provincial training centre is a perfect complement to the International Millwright Training Centre in Las Vegas.

We're intensely proud of the training programs we've developed, the trainers we've attracted, and the equipment that we've gathered to enable us to deliver real-life learning experience to our students.

More than half of our members take one or more courses each year, proof of our wholesale belief in the value of training in making them more employable, and our employers more consistently satisfied with the high quality of our work.

Millwright training courses are offered all year and are free to our members.

3rd Party Training effective July 1st, 2016 will have a maxiumum reimbursement for each training course (see chart below).  In order to process the reimbursement the member must provide a copy of their receipt and training certification.


Name of Course Maximum amount of reimbursement
OSSA Confined Space Entry & Monitor  $ 215.00
OSSA Fall Protection  $ 225.00
OSSA Elevated Work Platform  $ 275.00
H2S Alive  $ 250.00
Fork Lift  $ 190.00
Fork Lift / Zoomboom  $ 210.00
Zoomboom  $ 190.00
Telehandler  $ 225.00

** Note: all Welding tickets (CWB, B Pressure) must have prior approval from the Alberta Millwrights Training Centre BEFORE reimbursment.

Upcoming Training:

**** NOTE ****

All training at our Alberta Millwrights Training Center will start at 8:00am as of January 28, 2019. 

You are encouraged to contact Lisa at the office (extension # 2166) to book individual training as OSSA Confined Space Entry & Monitor, OSSA Fall Protection, OSSA Elevated Work platform and, H2S Alive courses greatly inhance your ability to be dispatched.

Please contact our Training Center to make an appointment for training pertaining to job specific tasks, such as Laser Alignment, Optical Level, Mechanical Fitting, etc.

Apprentices are reminded that qualification for membership into Millwrights Local 1460, and per the Regional Council directive, requires:

  •   Completion of at least two courses at the Alberta Millwrights Training Centre
  •   Must work 480 hours (dispatched through the Union Hall).

Registration & Questions

To register for any of the courses please contact Lisa at (780) 430-1460 extension #2166 or

e-mail: lwilson@millwrights1460.com

Please remember if you cannot attend a course that you are registered for, you MUST call Lisa to cancel.

Reminder e-mails and phone calls are a courtesy only - it is still your responsibility to cancel if you can not attend, or you forgot that you registered in a course.

There is a $100.00 no show fee for all courses.

You MUST bring your Steel Toe Work Boots to all courses at the Training Centre.  Hardhat and Safety Glasses will be provided.